The PCS Manifesto

We founded PCS because our experiences working in large and small law firms led us to believe that the traditional models of providing legal services needed updating and improvement.  We started out with a fundamentally different and more streamlined approach that we continue to grow, adapt and improve.  We are happy with our success, and so are our clients.

We maintain a small but excellent support staff.  We answer our own phones and handle our own mail. Because we do our best to operate efficiently and put the latest technology to good use, we don’t need to bill our clients for internal office expenses.

Since our founding in 1995, we have established no rules or requirements concerning memos, committees, meetings or titles.  In fact, as far as we can tell, we have no rules of any kind.  Our founders have never had serious arguments or disagreements about how we do business.  We simply continue to work together and enjoy doing the best work for the mutual benefit of our clients and ourselves.

Some General Observations

  • Although we have many advanced degrees and academic achievements, we consider ourselves lawyers, not scholars. A lawyer applies wisdom and exercises sound judgment for the client’s practical benefit, whereas a scholar merely identifies theoretical problems and concerns. We believe that lawyers should always remain client-focused instead of issue-focused, so they can concentrate on solving problems instead of creating them.
  • In commercial transactions, our clients expect us to help them create and build great things. In litigation, they depend on us to help them solve problems. In either event, when the transactions are completed and the problems are resolved, we appreciate the fact that they tend to hang around and maintain long-term personal and professional relationships with us.
  • The combination of hard work and strategic thinking can solve almost any problem. Sometimes, however, the best advice we can give our clients is to be patient and avoid over-working or over-thinking a problem. Often, time, money and energy can be saved by productive patience. Enthusiasm is great, but experience trumps enthusiasm. We offer a reasonable balance of both.
  • Every process, no matter how long, complicated, repetitive, boring, difficult or seemingly endless it may be, can eventually become a story with a great ending. We try to keep this in mind when we’re in the middle of it, because we know that it will sometimes be hard to recognize until it is over.

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