Jeffrey C. Steinert


Jeffrey Steinert

Seattle Office

801 Second Avenue, Suite 700
Seattle, WA 98104

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    (206) 625.1627
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Jeff Steinert is a skilled and experienced business manager, administrator, paralegal, and all-purpose troubleshooter who worked for a number of large and small law firms before joining the founders of PCS in 1995 as their first employee. So although it’s true that he didn’t invent this company, he has spent the intervening years trying to perfect it.

Jeff possesses a fine eye for detail, nerves of steel, and a healthy sense of irony, all of which allow him to remain cool while battling the forces of administrative chaos that tend to emerge when managing the business affairs of a firm of independent, hardworking and highly focused attorneys who maintain offices in opposite corners of the country.

Outside of work, Jeff has put his organizational and management skills to excellent use as treasurer for the successful election campaigns of former Seattle City Council President Peter Steinbreuck, and King County District Court Judge Eileen Kato. He seems to find this sort of pastime relaxing. Go figure.

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